We’ve been inside servers’ guts since college and the VAX/VMS days. We won’t say how long that’s been, but that’s a long time.

Today’s technology offers a chance to get low cost solutions out the door. Billions of dollars have poured through systems that we managed, maintained, and wrote. Just because it costs a lot doesn’t mean it is the best solution. The fact is, your infrastructure is pretty much invisible to the outside world and it doesn’t differentiate you from your competitors unless you are a service provider, search engine, or social network. You need a presence that is low cost and maintainable.

That’s where we come in. We aren’t like other contractors, and believe me, we’ve dealt with other contractors. We could try to sell you the moon or increase our footprint to keep you hooked, but we have absolutely no desire to do so. We like our lives, and we think you should be able to go to sleep at night without worrying about whether or not things will work when you get up in the morning. We don’t believe in preaching FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) to make a sale, although that seems to be the state of the market in most areas. It’s a state we refuse to live in. We also don’t want to give you a fish, we want to teach you to fish. If that means making ourselves and our services obsolete to you, then that is what it means. We’re happy with that and view it as a success. We’re good enough to afford to move to the next client and offer them exactly same thing.

Services we provide:

  • Remote desktop support.
  • Server builds and migrations.
  • Website updates, builds, and low cost maintenance.
  • Database management, design, and information mining.
  • Custom software (iPhone, web, database).
  • Packaged software (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Zen-Cart, Sugar CRM)

You can hit the contact page to request any of these services.

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