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After going through some of the ads on Craigslist. I thought I would post this as a handy guide for those seeking to hire someone for web site builds, etc. First, you need to define your task. If you aren’t sure what the task will entail, pay someone $100 to take a look. Looking at […]

When you look at a business that has lots of patrons coming and going in a thoroughly social setting, it makes you want to put up a site that can handle the multiple connections that people and groups maintain and establish. My first thought was Elgg, but thought that might be a bit too social […]

I speak, quite constantly, to small business owners about their presence on the web. One of the things that seems to confuse them the most is the types of websites they can have. The two general categories are static and dynamic, each can be custom or “canned”. Each has a trade-off associated, and both can […]

Propagation or D&D

I’m waiting on a domain transfer to get an ecommerce site up and going. Today I emailed the client and told her that it was still “in process”.  It could be the relinquishing host dragging their feet. So far they haven’t appeared very snappy.  Her reply? Freaking fabulous. So what can I do while they […]