Reality Mine

I recently had someone tell me they were having some network connectivity issues with their iPad, and specifically, their VPN. I know this person very well, so “VPN” set off some alarm bells. I asked if they had set one up to connect to their home network, and the reply was “I don’t know what […]


I am really liking CSS 3. The animation effects aren’t supported in Windows just yet (IE , Opera, and Firefox). But if you would like a little bit of a preview of what the web can look like and you’re on Windows, try installing Google Chrome or Safari from Apple and hit the demo page. […]

After going through some of the ads on Craigslist. I thought I would post this as a handy guide for those seeking to hire someone for web site builds, etc. First, you need to define your task. If you aren’t sure what the task will entail, pay someone $100 to take a look. Looking at […]

Support the EFF

There are few things that get us as riled up as threats to the interwebz (that big series of tubes). ¬†We are hearing, over and over again from the telecoms, “they paid for the infrastructure”. They may have some cash in it, but they are using public land (right of way) and public airwaves (doled […]

When you look at a business that has lots of patrons coming and going in a thoroughly social setting, it makes you want to put up a site that can handle the multiple connections that people and groups maintain and establish. My first thought was Elgg, but thought that might be a bit too social […]